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Latina Slut Mariska Fucks 2 Cowboys And Swallows Their LoadsLatina Slut Mariska Fucks 2 Cowboys And Swallows Their Loads (10 min 27 sec)
Overwatchers Ashe Smashed - S2:E7Overwatchers Ashe Smashed - S2:E7 (1 min 38 sec)
Models: Emma Hix
It's high noon at the ranch as Jesse's eyes meet Ashe's. They each grab their pieces and head towards one another, leading to a standoff. Their deep feud continues until they're out of ammo and have taken their combat hand to hand. Caught in one another's iron grip, the couple eventually locks eyes an realizes the depth of their mutual longing for one another. Moments later, Ashe has captured Jesse's lips in a kiss and their hands are working in tandem to peel off each other's clothes.Dropping to her knees, Ashe pulls out Jesse's cock and starts sucking him off. He's hard within moments of Ashe making magic with her hands and hot mouth. Getting to her feet, Ashe puts her back to Jesse's and lifts one leg high so he can slide into her from behind. Standing together in the path where they just fought, they release their pent-up emotions by fucking.Taking Jesse down to the ground, Ashe tests him out as her brand new steed. She finds him sufficient as she rides his fuck stick forward and backward. Then she lets him spoon behind her as they continue their exploration of one another. Jesse only pulls out of Ashe's hot snatch when he's ready to cum, which he does all over her stomach. As Jesse is basking in the afterglow, Ashe carries through with the rest of her plan, which involves taking Jesse's gun and pistol whipping him so she can make a slow and sexy getaway.
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Handmaidens Jezebel - S2:E4Handmaidens Jezebel - S2:E4 (1 min 51 sec)
Models: Carolina Sweets
Carolina Sweets is Jake Adam's chosen handmaid, and it is time for their fertility ceremony. Jake's wife Lia is prepared to assist as she retrieves Carolina from her abode and leads her to the bedroom. Laying Carolina down on the bed, Lia pulls back the younger girl's skirt and exposes her panties. Eventually, Lia pulls Carolina's panties aside so Jake can feast on her needy pussy.Jake's oral sex transitions to him sinking his hardon balls deep into Carolina's fertile warmth as she holds her legs back to open herself fully. Carolina's soft moans are a musical accompaniment as Jake sets a fast pace. He tugs Carolina's dress down so he can fill his palms with her breasts and feel the s crape of her hard nipples while he bangs her. When Lia sees how much Carolina is enjoying herself without Jake cumming, she suggests another position. They try doggy style, with Jake holding Carolina's hips as he bangs her from behind. Jake is too worn out to continue, so Lia suggests that Carolina tries riding him. Since she's doing most of the work, Carolina has enough control to slip off of Jake's fuck stick right before he can nut into her twat. Lia is angry that the ceremony was for nothing, so she tells Carolina that she's off to the work camps.
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Handmaidens The Other Woman - S2:E5Handmaidens The Other Woman - S2:E5 (1 min 55 sec)
Models: Jane Wilde
After the debacle with handmaid Carolina Sweets, Jake Adams and his wife Lia must try again with another girl. This time they've chosen Jane Wilde, who is sweetly shy for her first assignment. Lia questions Jane, then introduces her to Jake. Jane is more biddable than Carolina ever was, lifting her skirt to show her ass and pussy and to prove she's not wearing any panties. When Lia leads them to the bedroom and leaves them to it, Jake discovers that Jane is not wearing a bra, either.Nude, Jane drops to her knees to reverently take Jake's hardon in both hands to start stroking his long dick. She leans forward to sample the tip, then sucks him deeper with every bob of her head. Jake lets Jane explore his fuck stick for a while, then lays her down on the bed so he can bury his face between her thighs and enjoy the sweet cream dripping from her twat. At Jake's urging, she gets to her hands and knees so he can lick her from pussy to anus.With Jane still on her knees on the bed, Jake finally completes their union as he takes her doggy style. He works Jane's twat for a while, then pulls her into his lap so she can plant her feet to either side and ride him in reverse cowgirl. Jane is enjoying herself, but Jake still needs to cum. Arranging Jane on her back, he instructs her to hold her legs high so he can work her twat in a pussy pounding fuck fest. That finally does the job; Jake lets loose his load in a creampie that will hopefully take advantage of Jane's fertility.
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Her Strange Addiction Uncontrollable Orgasms - S2:E6Her Strange Addiction Uncontrollable Orgasms - S2:E6 (3 min 17 sec)
Models: Rosalyn Sphinx
Rosalyn Sphinx has a rare disorder that causes her to have uncontrollable orgasms that she can't stop from coming. Living with her stepbrother Lucas Frost is a challenge, since each time Rosalyn cums in front of him Lucas gets aroused. Lucas's dad, Dick Chibbles, sees Lucas looking at his stepsister with bedroom eyes one day in the living room and kicks Lucas out lest Rosalyn get the idea into her head that fucking might cure her problem. When Dick dozes off in front of the TV, though, Lucas sneaks back into the living room to be gratified with Rosalyn making the exact moves Dick feared she might.They start in the living room, with Rosalyn sdeep throating Lucas's fuck stick until he's nice and hard. Dick is still sleeping, so Rosalyn takes the risk of peeling off her shorts and climbing aboard Lucas's hardon right on the couch to ride him. Her body loves the way Lucas fills her right up, but Dick is too close for comfort. Leaving their discarded clothes on the floor, the stepsiblings relocate to the bedroom, where Rosalyn lays down on the bed and welcomes Lucas back inside.Fucking his super skinny stepsis is everything Lucas has dreamed of. When she turns over onto her hands and knees, he enjoys the opportunity to shape that ass with his big hands while banging her from behind. He has just pulled out to cum all over Rosalyn's ass when Dick bursts into the room. After waking up from his nap, he spied the clothes on the floor and knew exactly what his deviant kids were up to.
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Three Princesses True Loves Kiss - S2:E1Three Princesses True Loves Kiss - S2:E1 (1 min 33 sec)
Models: Bunny Colby,Emily Willis,Emma Hix
In this spinoff on a fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella get sick of waiting for a man to find them and decide to take their pleasure into their own hands. Snow White points out that none of them has even kissed a boy yet. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty suggest that Snow White could practice kissing on a mirror, but Snow White is sick of kissing her own cold reflection. They decide to practice on each other. Once all three girls have experienced kissing, they decide they want to practice whatever happens after true love’s kiss.Sleeping Beauty is helped out of her lingerie by the other two princesses, who are enamored by her big breasts. Then it’s Snow White’s turn and finally Cinderella’s. The girls can’t help but return their attention to Sleeping Beauty, who watches shyly as Cinderella and Snow White each takes a boob and sucks it. When Sleeping Beauty’s hand slides down to her twat, Cinderella announces that she has some ideas if the other two want to join in. Hopping on the counter, Cinderella spreads her thighs so Snow White can eat her out, while Sleeping Beauty buries her face in Snow White’s twat. When Snow White lays on her back, Cinderella goes to work with her magical tongue. Meanwhile, Sleeping Beauty positions herself over Snow White’s mouth to ride the princess’s face. Eager to double down on Sleeping Beauty’s pleasure, Cinderella and Snow White work together to eat out and rub down her slippery twat. To finish themselves off, the three girls sit side by side and masturbate to climax together. Now they know they’re all ready for their Prince Charming.
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Varchie Smells Like Sex - S2:E3Varchie Smells Like Sex - S2:E3 (1 min 8 sec)
Models: Gianna Dior
Fresh from fucking Betty, Archie rushes to the sauna where Veronica is trapped. He finds Veronica passed out, so he carries her inside and tries to figure out what to do next. Veronica comes to and tries to talk to Archie, but Archie is much more concerned for Veronica's health than about whatever she has to say. Once Archie has confirmed that Veronica will be okay, he tries to confess that he has had sex with Betty. Before he can get the words out, Veronica interrupts him to say that she doesn't want another girl to steal him away.Leaning in for a kiss, Veronica lets her hands roam to find Archie's already-hard cock. She pops her prize from Archie's jeans and leans into start sucking him off. Her deep throat BJ gets Archie nice and hard even though she can smell the sex he has just had with Betty. Veronica doesn't care; she just wants Archie inside her, so she peels off her thong and then turns around on her hands and knees so Archie can fuck her from behind.Once Archie has sampled Veronica's pussy, he lays on the bed and pulls her on top of him so she can ride his fuck stick. Her body is soft and warm as she slips and slides up and down Archie's stiffie, and her firm breasts jiggle with every stroke. Rolling onto her back, Veronica is all fuck me eyes as she watches Archie bring himself to the edge inside her. He pulls out at the last moment, cumming all over Veronica's stomach and leaving behind a puddle that she trails her fingers through to lick them clean.
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How I Survived A Crime Lord - S1:E6How I Survived A Crime Lord - S1:E6 (1 min 18 sec)
Models: Chloe Cherry
Chloe Cherry has had her dream trip to Mexico turn into a nightmare. She got drunk and got lost, but she met someone who offered her some cash to go pick something up for him from his buddy's house. Chloe was in a bind, so she went ahead to Bambino's place. She was already involved in some pretty bad stuff and had contraband on her from a rival gang, so when Bambino found out her secret she did what she had to do to keep herself safe and get back home. Her only currency is sex, so she put herself on offer.Fortunately for Chloe, Bambino wanted what she had to give. She was soon on her knees sucking his thick stiffie Bambino isn't about to accept a BJ as his only recompense, so Chloe got to her feet and leaned over the counter where Bambino had been working. Lifting one leg high, she opened herself up so he could slam into her from behind and give her the rough ride she deserved.When Chloe hopped onto the counter, Bambino continued to pound away at her tight little twat. She kept her legs spread to give him full access to her juicy snatch, then turned onto her side to tighten herself up and drive him right to the edge. As soon as Bambino has covered her in his cumshot, Chloe flew into action. She grabbed his keys and his car, driving it all the way to the border so she could get back to her home and freedom.
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Throne Games Mother Of Dragons - S1:E7Throne Games Mother Of Dragons - S1:E7 (1 min 44 sec)
Models: Kiara Cole
Jon Snow stands by the fire contemplating his next move for conquest when he is approached by Khalisse. A light touch from Khalisse is all it takes for John to capitulate. Leaning in, he captures her lips before guiding her to the ground by the fire so he can properly worship her with long kisses and tender caresses.As the flames warm them from behind, the couple creates their own heat. Jon kisses his way down Khalisse's supple body, working ever lower until he settles between her thighs. The heat of Khalisse's passion is undeniable as Jon explores every inch of her wet slit with his tongue. Greedy for more, Khalisse whimpers beneath Jon's ministrations until he gives in to her cries and fills her with his hard cock.Khalisse is putty in Jon's hands as she gets on her hands and knees to let him fuck her like the wonton she is. She turns around to suck her own musk from Jon's fuck stick, then rolls onto her back once again so Jon can satisfy her needs as she holds one thigh high to change the angle of penetration. Jon takes the gift Khalisse offers, dominating her until he pulls out to cover her in the mark of his love.
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Femme Fatale - S1:E1Femme Fatale - S1:E1 (1 min 3 sec)
Models: Kenzie Taylor
Alex Legend has had some kinky sex in his lifetime, but his evening with Kenzie Taylor takes the cake. The bigtit blonde seems happy to come back to his room. She's totally into it as he whips out his big dick for her to suck. He's happy to give up control as she wraps her hand around his neck for some light breath play and then keeps on with her deep throat BJ. When Kenzie lifts her miniskirt so Alex can pound her hard and deep, he thinks he's got it made!Then Kenzie pulls out some rope to tie Alex up. The man can do kink, so he agrees. Kenzie rewards him with an eyeful of her giant boobs with their tan lines and hard nipples. Pushing the soft jugs into Alex's face, Kenzie makes sure he worships her properly. Then she rewards him by planting her twat on his face so he can tongue bang her slippery twat as she leans forward for a 69.Sliding her fuck hole lower, Kenzie mounts Alex's hardon and starts riding him like a cowgirl! The American stunner gets her fill of him forward and backward, making sure she cums again and again. Kneeling between Alex's legs, she resumes her handjob and blow job, making sure he gets off, too. When Kenzie has had her share of fun, she hops off the bed and calls a friend to come rob Alex, who is still tied up. Fortunately, Alex was able to free himself and escape back to France before Kenzie's friend could arrive and do any damage!
Tags: Big Boobs,Blonde,Long hair,Panties,Hardcore,Thongs,High Heels,Big Areolas,Girl-Boy,Blowjob,Handjob,Girl Orgasm,Deep Throat,Big Dick,Big Ass
To Catch A Nubile - S1:E3To Catch A Nubile - S1:E3 (1 min 45 sec)
Models: Kiara Cole
Romeo Price is the host of Predator Sting. Today he has his eyes on a total creep who has been sending unsolicited dick pics to Kiara Cole. Romeo instructs Kiara to text the predator to come over, but she accidentally sends the text to her boyfriend Bambino. Much to Bambino's surprise, Romeo comes out and accuses him of being a total creep! He claims he's Kiara's boyfriend and pulls out his phone with videos of him fucking Kiara to prove it.Kiara is definitely into it as she rubs her pussy while Bambino tapes her. She lets him feel up her bare twat as she fondles her nipples, then gets on her hands and knees to suck Bambino's big dick! Turning around, she spreads her legs so Bambino can take her doggy style and nearly split his tiny girlfriend in half. Then Kiara climbs onto Bambino's fuck stick for a stiffie ride that leaves no doubt she's having a good time being there with him.Falling onto her back in the video, Kiara spreads her thighs to take Bambino all the way back inside so he can pound her tight twat into submission. He only stops as he pulls out to cum all over her stomach, leaving Kiara all smiles at the end of his lovemaking. With such irrefutable video evidence, Romeo has no choice but to believe Bambino's story. As the guys are wrapping it up, Kiara comes out to see what is taking so long and they all agree to set up again for another shot at this.
Tags: Small Boobs,Shaved Pussy,Short Girls,Blonde,Fair Skin,Petite,Girl-Boy,Blowjob,Super Skinny,Girl Orgasm,POV,Big Dick
How I Seduced A Robber - S1:E2How I Seduced A Robber - S1:E2 (1 min 30 sec)
Models: Britney Amber
Busty babe Britney Amber recalls the story of how she seduced a robber through her ingenuity. She was sleeping in bed wearing jammie bottoms and a bra, and though she was frightened she grabbed a bat and went to see what was happening. She found Tony Martinez with her tv in his arms! Brandishing her bat, Britney started yelling but Tony disarmed her and pushed her onto the couch. Not knowing what else to do, Britney tried seducing him. She admits she was turned on by the fantasy aspect of it all, but her efforts were to no avail. Then Tony learned he was at the wrong address, so when Britney tried one last time to offer to suck his cock Tony decided to go for it. He was rewarded with an enthusiastic BJ and titty fuck. One thing lead to another and when the cock gobbling coed quit her deep throat BJ and pulled down her bottoms, Tony wasn't about to say no. He sank into her tight pussy, hitting all the right spots with his dick as he banged her from behind. When she was done enjoying her first orgasm, Britney rolled onto her back so she could watch her masked robber keep on fucking her.Climbing into Tony's lap for a stiffie ride, Britney took care to rub her own clit to keep her pleasure train going. That position let Tony enjoy the quivering of Britney's full ass, a total turnon. When she was done with Tony's fuck stick, Britney got on her knees to stroke him off until he gave her the cumshot all over her face and tits that she begged for. Britney doesn't know if she'll ever see her robber again, but she was left satisfied with her adventure.
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